Sunday, March 24, 2013

On Not Being Against Yourself

Today I’d like to share with you something Oprah wrote in her latest issue of O Magazine which really resonated with me.
“...what brings me the greatest confidence is a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s knowing for sure that anything I’ve been through or felt, someone else has, too, and probably more so. It’s knowing that all our mistakes have meaning. And that being open to learning from those mistakes makes the difference between succeeding and getting stuck.”

So what do you think? Read it again (I’ll wait).
Trying to hide the frailty and imperfection of our humanness is ridiculous when you really think of it. Trying to wear a mask and pretend you have it all together when no one really does (not even Oprah) is a waste of energy.

Plus, it distances you from others. We have all sorts of technology so we’re constantly connected to others and yet many studies report how people feel so alone. What connects us is being real. Admitting to others we make mistakes, we cry, we get angry, we experience fear or anxiety. You know...all that stuff we’re not proud of.

I love this quote by scientist Lewis Thomas regarding our biology, "We are built to make mistakes, coded for error."  Think about that! Really think about it. Biologically speaking, we are flawed. Get over it, stop beating yourself, BE yourself and BE confident in being who you are despite your weaknesses.

This week I challenge you to do two things. Ask yourself:  Where can I be more vulnerable? Where can I be more accepting of my imperfections?

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