Monday, March 4, 2013

Living An Unhurried Life

One of the books I really enjoy reading is Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. I want to share with you some passages which resonated with me when I read the chapter, Living An Unhurried Life.

"Your purpose is to stay in harmony with nature like the sprout hidden beneath the surface of the ground, waiting unhurriedly to emerge and fulfill its destiny. It cannot be rushed, nor can anything in nature. Creation takes place on its own time table....You are unfolding in Divine order. All that you require will be provided in an unhurried fashion. Let go of your demands and trust in the perfect unfolding of the Tao (God). Be in a state of watchful gratitude... "

"Stop chasing your dreams. Allow them to come to you in perfect order with unquestioned timing. Slow down your frantic pace and practice being hollow like the cave and open to all possibilities like uncarved wood...Imagine all that you’d like to experience in life and then let go. Trust the Tao (God) to work in Divine perfection, as it does with everything on the planet. You don’t really need to rush or force anything. Be an observer and receiver rather than the pushy director of your life.

“Give up struggling and start trusting in the wisdom of the Tao (God). What is yours will come to you when you aren’t trying to push the river. You’ve probably been encouraged to actively direct and go after your desires all of your life . . . now it’s time to trust in the eternal wisdom that flows through you...."

The Challenge Dr Dyer Gives:
"Take ten minutes to sit quietly while contemplating all that you have and all that is flowing into your life on a Divinely orchestrated timetable. Be at peace and give thanks for what is allowing your life to unfold so perfectly. "

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