Monday, May 21, 2012

Living Fearlessly and Free

I haven’t been writing as much lately because I’ve been too busy reading some great books and taking a vacation on the beautiful island of St Martin.

One of the books I read was an inspirational memoir called “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani. I loved this book so much I bought 3 other copies to give away. Anita had suffered from cancer for almost four years and she reached the point where death was moments away. All of her organs were shutting down and the doctors didn’t have much hope.

At that point, she lost consciousness and had an amazing near death experience (NDE) which I urge you to read about. When she regained consciousness, not only did her health improve, but the doctors could not find a trace of cancer in her body. She was released from the hospital within weeks.

I have so much of this book highlighted and underlined, and today I have decided to share this part where Anita talks about one of her revelations:

“I saw my life intricately woven into everything I’d known so far. My experience was like a single thread woven through the huge and complexly colorful images of an infinite tapestry. All the other threads and colors represented my relationships, including every life I’d touched. There were threads representing my mother, my father, my brother, my husband, and every other person who’d ever come into my life, whether they related to me in a positive or negative way.
Oh my, there’s even a thread for Billy, who bullied me as a child!

Every single encounter was woven together to create the fabric that was the sum of my life up to this point. I may have been only one thread, yet I was integral to the overall finished picture.

Seeing this, I understood that I owed it to myself, to everyone I met, and to life itself to always be an expression of my own unique essence. Trying to be anything or anyone else didn’t make me better – it just deprived me of my true self! It kept others from experiencing me for who I am, and it deprived me of interacting authentically with them. Being inauthentic also deprives the universe of who I came here to be and what I came here to express.”

After the experience was over, she writes, “...I felt that I was at the edge of something wonderful that was about to unfold. I felt that there was some greater purpose to having experienced everything I’d just been through. Even with this inner excitement, however, with this feeling that I was on the precipice of some great adventure, I still didn’t feel that I had to do or pursue anything for it to happen. I just had to be myself fearlessly! In that way, I’d be allowing myself to be an instrument of love. I understood that this was the best thing that any of us could possibly do or be, for both the planet and ourselves.”

Today, live fearlessly. Be yourself. Allow others to be their true selves. Be love. Then do this again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Make the choice to live in freedom.

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