Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reblog: Don’t Look In That Box - Or Do

And you? When will you begin the long journey into yourself? ~Rumi 
I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of my favourite bloggers, Nikki Di Virgilio, otherwise known as The Soul Reporter.
As I wrote about the other week, her post entitled True Spirit Gifts had a huge impact on me. I carry the post with me in my purse with several words and sentences underlined and my revelations written all over the place.
I had the privilege of speaking with her the other night. In fact, it was during that phone conversation that her daughter said to her, "Mom, I need to show you something. There's a dead cat in a box." I jokingly said she should write about it…and she did! Wow!
Anyways, she was kind enough to let me feature her writing on my blog. Make sure you check out her blog and the Soul Work Sessions she offers.
Don’t Look In That Box- Or Do
"Mom, I need to show you something. There's a dead cat in a box." (Yes, Rhonda I am writing about it)
Lilli, my 11-year old was outside, and came across a box in the middle of a sidewalk. She seemed a bit traumatized.
"Okay, Lilli I will look." But, I wasn't sure I wanted to see, or smell a dead cat in a box.
We took the walk, and I could see something black sticking out of a box. Was it black fluid? Was it a garbage bag? Was that even it? 
We got closer. I'll spare details.
Later, Lilli took my oldest daughter, Alyssa and their father to see. At first Alyssa didn't want to see. She said, "I don't want to see anything I might regret."
When they returned, I asked how it went and what they thought. My husband said it was a dog.

How each of us responded to the dead animal in the box got me thinking- and of course composing a post in my head. How we respond to this sad and grotesque image might say how we respond to all that is sad and grotesque inside of ourselves….Continue to read by clicking here.

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  1. You are so kind- thank you for posting. I hope that it is useful to your readers.