Friday, February 17, 2012

Are You Deflecting the Good in Your Life?

The other day I was listening to a Marianne Williamson podcast on my iPod and had a fantastic revelation. She was talking about how we miss wonderful opportunities, abundance and love that Life is sending our way. We actually deflect the good because of our personality characteristics. It could be our insecurity, our self-critical nature, or perhaps our anger. This deflecting of the good causes us to look back at situations or relationships with regret or bitterness.

This really hit home for me. It occurred to me that everyday Life (God)  is sending me love in so many ways, but I am missing it because I’m too focused on all the things that are wrong with me, with others and with my life.  I miss absorbing the kindness of my co-workers because I am too focused on how I dislike filling out my expense report. I miss appreciating the love of my parents because I choose to focus on how they aren't perfect. I miss feeling good about myself because I'm too busy beating myself up over how I don't have the same body at 41 as I did at 16 (go figure).

The thought occurred to me, “Why would God send me more love, more opportunities, more abundance if I’m not even grateful for what I have been given?” If I am critical and choose to focus on what I don't like, who is to blame in this situation? Hmmm...could it be me? I am delaying my own good because I haven’t learned how to be truly grateful. Until I wake up and realize that my own negativity and lack of gratitude is repelling the good I want in my life, I will be unable to receive any of the opportunities, abundance or love I so desire.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you want better relationships, professional opportunities, love, and abundance, rejoice in what you are currently receiving each moment of the day. Did you eat today? Rejoice in that. Some people don’t have food. Did you put your two feet on the floor when you got out of bed? Congratulations. Give thanks for your legs. Not everyone is so fortunate. Are you reading this (I think I know the answer)? Way to go! That means you can read and you have a computer! You’re rich in abilities and material possessions.

I hope you’ll try with me to stop deflecting the good and start using the power of gratitude to attract those good feelings and experiences. Be thankful for what you do have and what you have will increase.

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