Monday, January 2, 2012

What are Your Intentions?

Today I’d like to talk to you about intentions. Take some time to think about what you intend for 2012. Your intentions are everything. They determine what you will receive in life. I’d like you to consider thinking of something deeper than acquiring possessions, money, awards, status or approval.

Ask yourself: what kind of man/woman do I want to become? When I die, what qualities do I want to be known for?

As I mentioned in my previous post, my grandmother (we called her “Nana”) died last week. One of the qualities she modelled which impressed me is how she valued people more than things. My Nana never had a lot of money or material possessions. She was a woman who made the most of what she had. She didn’t feel she had to impress anyone with her clothes or what she owned. Instead of valuing material possessions, she valued her family and treasured time spent with them.

One of the many things I’m going to miss is how her eyes lit up when I’d come to visit her. Let’s be real, I’m not that exciting, but when I would come to visit, she made me feel that I was the most important person in the world. When you talk to others, do you make them feel that way? Wouldn’t it be great if you did? Instead of being distracted by your BlackBerry/iPhone/computer/tablet, or whatever, wouldn’t it be great if you gave the person you were talking to your full and complete attention and made them feel they were important?

Another trait Nana was known for was her determination.  My Nana, born in 1910, lived on her own since her husband died in 1969. She always managed to have enough to survive and to give to her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. At 101 years old, she was still riding her exercise bike and walking the hallways of her apartment every day up until a few months before she died. She was determined she would keep moving.

Reflecting on her life I once again realize my attachment to money, recognition, approval, and my career is something I need to let go of. Instead of constantly thinking, “how I can get from here to there,” I intend to switch my thoughts to: how can I be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better co-worker, a better employee? How can I better serve God and serve those who are hurting in this world?  How can I be more of myself and less of what the world tells me I should be?

Consider doing this: at the beginning of each day, ask yourself what your intention is for that day. Sometimes I take a few minutes before work to write down my intentions. They can be little things like, "I intend to laugh more today and be less serious," or "I intend to encourage and be kind to everyone I work with." If your intentions are for the good of the world, you can rest assured that good will be returned in ways you can’t possibly imagine.
Cora Amelia Reist (Nana) on her exercise bike at 101 years old


  1. Your nana lived a long and full life, I intend to to do the same and not be distracted by my phone.
    Thank you for sharing this touching and inspiring story.

    1. Thank you so very much for the comment Sammyjoe. That means a lot to me. My Nana taught me a lot and I'm glad you also found her inspiring :-)