Saturday, December 3, 2011

When You Don't Like Your Job

I talk to so many people who don't like their job. It’s not what they hoped it would be. Do you ever feel like that or do you know someone who does?

Sometimes the job we’re in now is not our dream job, but it’s a necessary, temporary stop on our journey through life. As I wrote about in Life Lessons, life is a giant classroom and everyday is a chance to learn. Your experience of not liking your job is meant to teach you something. Remain open to the lessons you are meant to learn.

Take time to do some introspective work and discover who you are and what you find joy in. Go through the questions listed in my post, Discover Someone Amazing: You! , and you may get some ideas as to what types of job fit your interests and personality. 

In the meantime, I’m also going to suggest a couple other ideas you can try to enhance your day while working in a job or a company you don't like.  You can even apply these ideas to your personal life.

1.    The first idea is to look for a way to encourage your co-workers. I’m not just talking about the people you work with who you may call your friends.  I’m talking about everyone you work with. What I started at one of my workplaces is the Rhonda Reist Star of the Day Award.  When someone does something I really appreciate (or if they do something that impresses me or even makes me laugh), I give them the Star of the Day award.

This “award” is nothing more than a foam star with a star sticker and a little note with the date, my signature and the words “Rhonda Reist Star of the Day Award to...insert person’s name.” It started as a joke, but it’s turned into something that people proudly display at their desks or on their office doors. It’s funny that people of all levels in the company aspire to get this foam star. It goes to show that a little appreciation and recognition can go a long way. You can make someone’s day so easily.

Maybe the star idea wouldn't fly in your workplace. Give out compliments. Give out words of encouragement. Bring in candy or treats once in awhile. Look for ways to give and you'll find yourself on the receiving end. Remember, when you make someone’s day, you make your day as well. You only get what you give.

2.    This next idea I found in the book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Daniel H. Pink. This is taken directly from Daniel’s book. I love this idea!

“I got this idea from Naomi Epel’s The Observation Deck...Epel writes, ‘I once heard Danny Glover say that he dedicates every performance to someone – it might be Nelson Mandela or the old man who guards the stage door – but he is always working for someone other than himself. This focus gives his acting purpose and makes his work rich.’

You can do the same. Dedicate your own work – a presentation, a sales call, a report – to someone you admire or who matters in your life. You can infuse your work with purpose and meaning when you think of it as a gift.”

It’s up to you to determine how you will choose to experience each day.


  1. Star of the day to you Rhonda, Great Post. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I will get back to my singing career now. T.Wade. Dont let life pass you by!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the note! I love your music by the way :-)