Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Go Your Own Way

I don't know why I never get tired of listening to Fleetwood Mac. They are just so good!

Anyways, the message here today is "go your own way." You can choose to live the way of the world and do whatever society expects and end up being miserable. OR, you can go your own way and live an authentic life.

Now being true to yourself may involve going down the road less travelled. Do you know what though? If you go down the road less travelled, you’ll see it’s not that scary. The fear is only an illusion. You are stronger than you think, and you don’t need to give in to the pressure of the world. You don’t need to live consumed with worry about what people will think of you.

I remember when I first started this blog a year ago, I was afraid of what the people I knew would think of me. Eventually, I decided I would not let fear stop me. People may not agree or like what I write or agree with my beliefs, but I am fine with that. I respect their right to like what they like and think what they think.  

Today, start going your own way. Find some part of your life where you aren’t living authentically and start being true to your values and your beliefs.  Amongst the busyness of life, take time to be still and listen. Listen to the voice that is trying to lead you in the right direction. It may tell you the opposite of what is logical, but you’ll learn over time that as you listen to this voice, it will lead you to the life you were meant to live. It may even lead you to listen to some more Fleetwood Mac!

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