Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Today's Gonna Be a Good Day!

What I love about this, besides the song, is theflash mob which the audience did as a surprise for Oprah. It's one of my goals to participate in a flash mob. I just think it would be a magical experience to be part of a group of strangers who come together for the purpose of creating something bigger than what one person could do on their own. In this particular flash mob 20,000 people learned the dance so that they could create this collective experience of "joy rising" (as Oprah described it in her Lifeclass the other day).

If we all learn to set aside the differences that separate us, we'll see that we're not really that different after all. We all cry, feel the pain of rejection, lose people we love, laugh,  enjoy music...and we may even like to dance. We can do many great things on our own but by coming together, we can embody the extraordinary.

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