Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Ego is a Diva

I love, love, love Oprah’s new Lifeclass show on OWN. Have you been watching it? The first show a couple weeks ago was about our false self which is our ego. It’s that pride filled part of us which we think is our real self but really it’s not. It is our fear. Our true self is love.

Our ego tells us to fear what others think. It makes us think we’re not good enough. It causes us to identify with our body, possessions, job, status, position, wealth, house, car, accomplishments, grades, or intelligence. It makes us think our value and our source of happiness is based on something external to us.

I know my ego gets upset if I don’t get what I think I deserve. If I don’t get the love, respect, recognition, approval, money, or appreciation I think I ought to have, I have the tendency to get offended. Or if someone cuts in front of me in traffic without signalling, my ego reacts immediately and thinks “how dare they!”

My ego also likes to try to control things and feel anxious and worried because I don’t know all the details of what is going to happen tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. I’m the type of person who wants to know all of the details of how the next 40 – 50 years of my life will turn out. Logically I know this won’t happen, but still part of me almost demands that God let me know right now what I can expect. 

My ego beats myself up for not being perfect, for not looking “perfect,” for having acne, scars and stretch marks. My ego is disgusted when I’m tired or not feeling energetic. According to my ego, I should always feel like going for a run or working out.  My ego thinks I need to be busy all the time. It thinks my worth is based on what I do or how much I do. My ego won’t let me just enjoy sitting and listening to Lionel tells me that I should be doing something productive every minute of the day until I am exhausted.

In short, my ego can be a real pain in the butt. It can be a real diva. My ego stops me from being the unique, awesome and amazing loving human being I was created to be. It stops me from being in harmony with life and with God. On Oprah’s Facebook page, she lists these questions on ego. Consider answering these questions and checking out this link for more insights:

Also consider checking out my last Motivated Online article:  Pump Up the Volume...On Your Life! It talks about the importance of embracing your authentic self and not letting your false self run the show J

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