Friday, June 10, 2011

Woven Together

One of my friends sends me these wonderful motivational messages every day written by Ralph Marston. I urge you to check out his site, The Daily Motivator.

She sent me this one below a week ago and I found it's really helped me. I sometimes feel as if I'm constantly climbing and never reaching the top of the mountain. Sometimes it even feels like I'm going downhill.

When I read this it reminded me that all efforts, even the smallest one, is signficant - it has meaning. It has purpose. All acts that are done with love impact the world in a positive way and benefit ourselves whether we see it or not.  The secret is not to stop and give up. Keep taking the small baby steps, keep the faith, and never stop believing in yourself.  

Here are Ralph's wise words:

A strong, thick rope is not made of one solid strand of material. It is composed of dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of small threads, all woven together in the same direction.

It is so easy to break a small thread that you might consider it to be insignificant. Yet if there were no small threads, there would be nothing with which to construct the strong, thick rope.

In the same way, every great achievement is made from dozens, or hundreds, or perhaps tens of thousands of smaller efforts, all woven together in the same direction. Though each effort may seem so trivial as to not be worth the effort, it is actually an essential component of the overall achievement.

In this very moment is your opportunity to make a small effort. Make use of the opportunity, and the next one, and the next.

When you do, you soon will have woven together something of great value, something strong and useful. You will have something big and impressive to show for all those small, focused efforts.

No effort is too small to matter. In every moment, and in every situation, you can move surely and steadily ahead.

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