Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Not Believe Your Time is Now?

Why not believe your time is now?  Not in some distant future when you’ve lost enough weight, secured your ideal job (working for Oprah), found your soul mate, wrote your book or acquired the house of your dreams.  Today.

Even though you may see no evidence of it, believe it. Live by believing and not by seeing. Just as the birds, the flowers, and the trees must believe in the dead of winter that spring will one day come, believe your spring is now. Believe it even if the residue of frost still lingers and the ground is cold beneath your feet.

Today, I hear the robins singing outside my window and welcoming spring. Their song encourages me to have faith in the goodness of life which is available now to all who see with eyes of faith.

Why hang on to the belief “I’m not that lucky” or “other people get all the breaks in life but nothing like that happens to me” when you can believe in unlimited possibilities being at your doorstep? You just have to open the door of your mind my friend.

Life is conspiring to bring you a dazzling array of abundance. Today, change your thinking from “that would never happen to me” say “why wouldn’t that happen to me?”

Allow your mind to entertain the notion that your time is now. You will shine today. You will dazzle today. You will experience miracles and abundance today. Right now, let go of thoughts of future happiness and allow yourself to live it now.

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