Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take Control Of Your Life

Do you wish your life would change? Do you complain that life or a particular person has done you wrong? Are you waiting for everything to be “perfect” before you fully embrace life?

Now let me ask you this…what practice, regime or ritual do you perform on a consistent basis to change your thoughts and beliefs? In other words, how serious are you about taking control of your life?

Many people try to improve their lives by eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep. While those things are of value that alone is not enough. Changing your beliefs and thoughts is the essence of transformation. By training yourself to believe you can manifest what you want and focus on the positive, you will attract into your life what you desire.

Personally, I pray, practice positive affirmations, read inspirational material and listen to uplifting speakers or music. Sometimes I spend time driving in silence. That’s when some of my most profound thoughts and ideas come to me. Sometimes even a walk in nature will do the trick.  

Does that mean I’m positive all the time? No. But, I do know that my attitude and outlook are dependent on no one else in this world but me. I also know that I am human and will have times when it’s difficult to believe that good things are on the way.

Love yourself enough to look at life in a different way. Seize the hidden opportunities that are available each day. It's time to get serious about playing an active role in living to your fullest potential. It starts today and it starts with you.

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