Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choose to Have a Great Day

What is your intention for today? Do you want to have a good day? Then choose it.

Choose to see the good in people instead of judging them for the trivial things they don't do "right". The negative feelings involved in judging someone boomerangs back to YOU...the person you are judging doesn't experience your negativity. You do! Let people be who they are. Let them be different then you think they should be.

Choose to really live and experience the wonder of the present moment...whether it's the warmth of the water running over your body while you have a shower or the warmth of the sun rays as they touch your face. Whatever moment you are in, don't live in the past or the present but simply be in the moment and soak up the essence of life.

Choose to be grateful for small things. This morning I thought about my cup of coffee and all the people in the world who played a part in me drinking that cup of coffee.

There was the farmer who grew and harvested the coffee beans; the people who drove, shipped or flew the coffee beans to North America; the people involved in packaging and selling the coffee; the people who worked in the offices of all the companies involved in the harvesting, shipping, packaging and selling of the coffee beans not to mention the people involved in making my coffee maker and my coffee cup.

And then there's the people who employ me so I have money to drink coffee; the people who made the car I drove in to go to the store where I bought the coffee; the people who work at the store where I bought the coffee...you get the point. There's a heck of a lot of people to be grateful for and that's just one cup of coffee! Think about it. 

Choose today to see the overwhelming abundance in your life.  It's everywhere. But, you won't see it if you only focus on what's missing in your life.

Today choose what you want to experience: choose to make it good day...actually, choose to make it a great day. You hold the power.

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