Monday, March 28, 2011

Align Yourself with Your Destiny

What do you dream of doing in life? What is it that makes your heart sing? Act as if it’s on its way and it will be so.

Many people unconsciously delay their own good. They sabotage their lives with negative thoughts...thoughts of anger, resentment, guilt, shame and judgement.  These thoughts are low energy thoughts and low energy thoughts attract more of the unwanted negative circumstances.  These thoughts stop people from reaching their potential and achieving their dreams.

People who manifest their dreams are people who feel with every cell in their body they will accomplish what they want. They KNOW it will arrive at the perfect time and feel relaxed and calm versus anxious and fearful.  This confidence attracts what they desire.

Remember this: your reality reflects your thought life. If you’re experiencing something you don’t like YOU hold the power to transform your life by shifting your thoughts to the positive. Aligning yourself with your destiny involves believing what you want is actually possible for you. It’s knowing everything in life is in perfect order. Good will come out of all that has happened in your life and nothing but good is on the way including your dreams.

Know with certainty that you can attract what you want in your life through the power of believing. Believing and the positive feelings associated with it signal the universe you are ready to receive what you know you deserve. Know you are worthy of good. Know you are worthy of your dreams. Live as if it’s already come true...then watch it happen. 

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