Saturday, February 19, 2011

Will You Choose to Wait?

It's ironic that so many of us dislike waiting. We dislike waiting when we're stuck in traffic. We dislike waiting in long line ups. We dislike waiting at the check out at the grocery store. We dislike waiting for the promotion, the raise, the "right" person, the house, the car...

Most of our life is spent waiting for what we think will make us happy. Yet many of us don't realize we don’t have to wait. We can choose our attitude in an instant.

I can choose to be content and look at the bright side of life rather than focusing on what I think I’m missing. I can choose to experience the positive feelings that accompany gratitude rather than complaining about what I lack. I don’t have to wait until my life is "perfectly" in order to feel good. I can choose to feel good now, choose to live now, choose to be at peace, right now.

The question is will I choose happiness and contentment today or will I choose to wait?

Having spent the better part of my life trying either to relive the past or experience the future before it arrives, I have come to believe that in between these two extremes is peace. 
~Author Unknown

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