Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just One Thing

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
  1. What is one thing you could do, that you're not doing now, which if you did do would make a tremendous, positive difference in your personal life?
  2. What is one thing you could do, that you're not doing now, which if you did would make a tremendous, positive difference in your professional life?
These questions come from Stephen Covey's bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The answers to these questions don't have to be huge things. It can be just a little thing.

For me, the answers to these questions came very quickly. However, making the decision to actually put the answers into action took me a bit longer.

For example, I have the tendency to inwardly complain when I have to do a task I don't like at work. My co-workers may not even be aware of this but I am. I resent having to do certain tasks which I consider "beneath" me or an utter waste of time; tasks that are tedious, mundane or boring. From my limited perspective, these tasks get in the way of me doing what I think is something more important...something that would make more of an impact.

One day I realized, having this type of negative attitude is not changing anything. These tasks are part of my job and need to get done. Having this attitude was only causing harm to my body and spirit and attracting more negativity.

So I decided I would make it my goal to do all of my work with great enthusiasm even the tasks I don't like. Even if no one noticed or rewarded me for this, I decided I needed to value myself enough to create joy where there was no joy.  

I found this quote from Mother Teresa continues to help me with doing this one thing:  
"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."

Adding love to my tasks. That was the secret ingredient I was missing.

What is your one thing?

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