Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate

I decided yesterday that this year would be my year. I am going to celebrate me. I'm going to celebrate the things I like about myself even though they are often overshadowed in my mind by all those things I want to change (e.g. the way I look, the way I can overact and become defensive, my tendency to blame external circumstances or people for my stress and anger, etc.). Sometimes my positive traits are lost in thoughts of what I haven't yet accomplished in life or in disappointment with the way situations have turned out.

Perhaps it has been watching Oprah Winfrey celebrate the 25th year of her show that has inspired me to ask, why don't I celebrate my 40th year of life....celebrate 40 years of being me? Why don't I celebrate "my show" (i.e. my life) with the gusto and passion Oprah is celebrating her show (note: this does not involve me giving away diamonds, cars or trips to Australia).

Somehow I keep thinking if I try hard enough I will one day be perfect and then I will celebrate. I guess I'm figuring out I will never be perfect so why don't I just decide today, in this very moment, to stop the battle and just accept myself with all my imperfections.

I also had the thought, why don't I believe that life will celebrate me? Life will bring to me all I need exactly at the right moment and not a moment too soon. Life will bring me experiences I need to prepare me for the goodness to come. Life will bring me my dreams as soon as I whole-heartedly believe that it will.

So let the celebration begin! I am me and there's no one else like me in the whole world.

Now let me ask you, what can you celebrate?

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