Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Fresh Start to 2011

What is it from 2010 that you are holding onto that no longer serves you?

Is it disappointment? Regret? Anger? Blame? Discouragement? Depression? Self-loathing? Self-pity? Sadness?  Fear? Anxiety? Do you feel you’re not good enough? Not smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, thin enough, rich enough? Did someone close to you offend you? Did someone you trust betray you? Were you not recognized, appreciated or loved the way you wanted to be? And if so, are you still hanging onto it?

A month ago, I celebrated a birthday. I was on vacation so I had alot of time to think. I took some time to reflect on the past and what negative thoughts and emotions I was hanging onto. Some things I had carried with me for twenty years ...I didn’t want to carry them into the coming year.  I wanted to give myself the gift of letting go. I finally thought I deserved to be free.

As I laid floating on my back in the Caribbean Sea, the sun shining, my hands open to the sky, I let go.  I forgave those who had hurt me, I forgave myself and I forgave God for allowing certain things to happen.  I released the past....the sadness, the regret, the disappointment.  And it felt good.

I recalled this line from A Course in Miracles which one of my favourite authors, Marianne Williamson, wrote about in her bestselling book, A Return to Love: “All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing.”

So as we begin this New Year, remember only the beauty, the love, the good times from the past. Do your mind, body and spirit a favour...let the rest go. You deserve it.

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