Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

A couple months ago, my friend sent me a link to an article which says that Steve Perry may rejoin the rock band Journey. This gives me and other Journey fans some hope even if it doesn't happen.
Hope is an essential ingredient for many of us who suffer with not just the big issues in life but also for those of us who find themselves feeling "stuck" in jobs we'd describe as something less than what we've dreamed of when we were growing up.

Most of us need something more than a possible Journey reunion to ignite our hope that good things are on the way. Many I talk to need help to get through days where they feel inundated and overwhelmed with the emptiness of the mundane. And do you know what it is we need? We need to believe.

Sometimes it almost seems impossible to believe that what we dream of and all the good we hope for is on the way...yet Steve Perry and Journey implores us "Don't Stop Believing".

Belief that we CAN live our dreams and one day have our dream job is essential in making it a reality. Many of us make excuses as to why this wouldn't happen for us. We say things like "I'm too old", "I don't have the right education", "I'm too shy", "I had my chance and I blew it", "I'm not good at....," "That would happen to someone else but that would never happen to me" or "What if I fail?"

Not only do we have so many negative thoughts and harsh self-criticisms, but we also live unconsciously so that we don't even realize we are thinking these negative thoughts throughout the day. The thing is, we get in life exactly what we think about. If we think it's not possible for us, then it isn't. If we think it IS possible and believe then anything is possible. Hold onto that feeling.

So the next time you hear "Don't Stop Believing'" think about it in a different way. Sing it to yourself and remind yourself that belief is one of the most important ingredients to living your dreams. That and some inspirational, classic rock music.

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